What is the 'Body Massage Roll'?

The 'Body Massage Roll' was invented to help patients maintain their chiropractic adjustments at home. The use of the rolls compliment chiropractic care by increasing circulation and oxygenation to body tissues.

Benefits of using the 'Body Massage Roll' include:

  • Decrease healthcare costs
  • Increases circulation and oxygenation
  • Breaks down muscle tension
  • Strengthens the area being worked on (i.e. neck, back)
  • Provides healing. In with the new; out with the old!
  • Durable memory foam construction provides more movement with rebound effect

(Pressure + Movement) Time = Healing (circulation)

(Pressure + Movement) 2 seconds = 2 seconds of healing

(Pressure + Movement) 2 hours = 2 hours of healing

The more you use the roll, the more you heal!